From growing up on a farm in Minnesota, studying architecture in Italy, and recently graduating with a MFA in film; I continue to narrow in on my passion for narrative storytelling and its ability to relate to the human heart.

I am applying for the video editor position at Habitat for Humanity because I admire your consistent effort to collaborate with the community to tell stories of transformation and hope.  With my past experience and diverse set of skills, I believe that I would be a good addition to your team.

Stories are a way to build and support community.

With my recent project, A Neighbor Overseas, I joined Chad Northington, founder of World Transformational Ministries, to Africa to help tell the story of the community he supports through his water ministry. This is an example of my ability to work independently and make creative decisions in support of someone’s vision.


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A Neighbor Overseas – Producer (DP + Editor)
*Final Cut Pro, Compressor, Adobe Encore, Photoshop (DVD Cover)
password: Cameroon

A Neighbor Overseas:

  • shows supporters the practical side of the work that Chad does.
  • shows how his work impacts the community.
  • shares stories of people in community.
  • shares a vision statement for his organization, WTM.
  • shares a hope for the future.

This project presented the opportunity to:

  • research and establish objectives, and document and discover the heart of a real community in real time.
  • travel overseas, select, pack, and operate equipment efficiently as a one man team.
  • solve problems in a fast-paced, changing environment.

A Neighbor Overseas, required promotion for a fundraiser and final screening. I not only feel comfortable with long format content, but also creating content for social media and other channels. Please click on the links below to view.

Film Screening Promo

Fundraising Promo Example

 Stories are a way to collaborate and grow.

When being part of a team, I have learned the importance of efficiency and confidence, but also very much the need of humility and grace. Here is an example of my work on a creative team in a supporting role.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 12.06.00 PM
Little Africa (Production Designer + Editor)
Short Film, Historical Fiction
*Adobe Premiere Pro
password: CA

Little Africa presented an opportunity:

  • to work as a team to study and replicate the year 1921 with limited resources.
  • to work with the director of photography to establish the world and how it would be seen.
  • to organize and lead a production design team of an art director, costume designer, special effects artist, make up artist, and set designer.
  • to grow in time management and problem solving as a leader.
  • to support a director’s vision from beginning to end.

As a result of our collaborative effort, this film has been selected for 20+ film festivals across the world.

Stories are a way to challenge and encourage.

Stories also have the ability to present a new perspective. Here is an example of my storytelling as director of a creative concept and original vision.


DVD Wrap Print B
Small Talk (Co-writer + Director + Sound Designer)
Short Film, Romantic Comedy
Nuendo, Photoshop (DVD Cover)
password: smalltalk2013

Small Talk presented an opportunity:

  • to cast and direct a chemistry between two leads.
  • to use location and space to help tell the progression of a relationship.
  • to engage culture and present a perspective.

As a result of this effort, I received the following accolades: Best of 2013 for FSU Film School, Selected for 7 festivals, Student Emmy Blue Ribbon Finalist.

Film school presented the opportunity to have production experience on 45 student films, including: Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Production Designer, Editor, 1st/2nd AD, Unit Production Manager, 1st/2nd Assistant Camera, Key Grip, Gaer, Best Boy Electric, Sound Mixer/Boom Operator, Art Director, Assistant Editor.



At the heart of it, stories have the ability to encourage or question each of us as we share life together. I would be grateful for the opportunity to join your creative team as I continue to grow as a storyteller.

Thank you for your time, and I would be honored to meet in person and learn more about the vision for this position. – 507.210.2498