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Realm_e is a Social Norms Concept I founded, designed, and implemented while I was teaching at Faribault High School, 2010-2011.

Realm_e was designed to involve students in creating a positive community, while provoking personal growth through refreshing the ‘real me’ of each.


a sample of student involvement in graphic marketing


Realm_e seeks to address the underlining challenge high school students face – the difficulty of being yourself among the social pressures of today. Through visual media, social networking, and other creative activities, realm_e seeks to interact with youth to promote community, personal thought, and social question of what it means to be themselves.

realm_e seeks to provoke students to pursue what is real for themselves.
realm_e encourages students to consider character before reputation when making decisions.
realm_e brings attention to the ability of youth to question the pressures of social norms.
realm_e is an opportunity to spark positive community and personal thought in creative ways.
realm_e is a resource, sponsor, and platform for student’s thoughts and conversations.
realm_e is a platform for students to create, experience, and influence their community.
realm_e presents positive question of how we each personally perceive social norms.
realm_e is out to question the “social status” of what is actually means to ‘fit in’.
realm_e is acts of creativity to generate community.
realm_e encourages students not to conform to what social pressures say they should be.
realm_e isn’t only something you’re a part of, but someone you are.
realm_e seeks to encourage open discussion of all ages to be someone, not somebody
realm_e seeks to enlighten and refresh the surrounding community by underscoring what’s real


realm_e is an idea, a community, a challenge, a platform, a voice, an action, a person… you.

realm_e logo design

 Sponsored by Rice County Chemical Health Coalition

collaboration with: Becky Ford