A Neighbor Overseas is a 19 minute Mini Documentary, acting as a Vision Statement for World Transformational Ministries (WTM). I went to Cameroon, Africa with Chad Northington, founder of WTM, to help tell the story of what God has done over the years, and continues to do among the community. Over the two-week journey I learned a great deal both as a filmmaker and as a man of faith. I am grateful for this experience and it has been neat to see how God continues to stretch me with new opportunities as I continue to grow as a storyteller. If you’d like to read more about what God taught me, you can read more here.

DVD Cover

A special thank you to all of you who supported me in the endeavor. Due to sensitive information with the missions field, the actual film is not available for public viewing. Below is a trailer of the film.


A few photographs documenting my personal experience.


Above: The Market is a small maze. All the distractions kept me wandering around, capturing the dynamic nature of the market. After my fifth lap, I realized I was lost and my team had left me behind. The market venders were getting a kick out of me walking in circles. Being tall, white, and holding a camera: it was hard to hide the fact I was lost. Oh well :)

Above middle: This was a spontaneous picture taken at the meat market. These kids saw me come around the corner, got excited, and posed. Too easy.

The kids having fun

Above: One challenge was trying to figure out ways to capture true personalities in photographs. In the picture above, we tried to have some fun.

joyhaving funfriendship

Above: It was easy to take pictures of these guys.

The team: Myself, Chad, and Seth

Above: The team. Me, Chad, and Seth.

Team digging a hand dug welllooking into wellmen stacking home made bricks

Above: A team digging a hand-dug well.

young boy praying in church

Above: Young boy praying in the Baptist church. One challenge I came across was finding a healthy balance of personally experiencing the community and capturing the community with my camera. When praying, should I pray with them or film them praying?

Chad's KitchenTraditional Home in neighborhood

Above Left: Team eating lunch in Chad’s house; Above Right: traditional home next to Chad’s house.

trying on traditional clothingstreet in townclothing

Above Left: The team; Trying out the traditional clothing. Middle: Typical Street in Banyo, Cameroon.

out in the community

Above: This picture is one of my favorites. This young lady wanted her picture taken. On the first picture she didn’t smile. When she saw a picture of one of her friends laughing, she told me she wanted me to take a picture like the one I took of her friend. She posed again. Snap. No smile. After a second, I turned to Seth and asked him to do something crazy. He did. Snap. I was finally able to capture her personality. She was amazed by the photo.

out in the communityout in the communityout in the community


For more info on WTM – feel free to visit – http://www.transformationalministries.com/