Position: Production Designer. In collaboration with Art Director Jessica Swalchick, and Writer/Director, Curtis Adair.

Description of Story: During the massacre of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, a biracial cop passing as white protects his black mother from the town genocide.

Research for 1921.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, race riots wardrobe research

bakery research bakery research

Location: As designer the first step was helping with location scouting. Finding the best locations would help the design team be effective and efficient.

Below is an image of the location found for scenes that took place in a bakery. See below for transition of space.

image of location

A conceptual sketch of bakery during a design meeting.

sketch of plan

Built shelving for goods + built wooden overlay for existing structures to use as retail counter. Set decoration – borrowed from local antique shops.

Bakery scene from final film.

Final Design of Bakery in Film


Gallery of final film.



Little Africa

Director: Curtis Adair

Producer: Justin Oney

Director of Photography: Xuhui Zhao

Production Designer: Peter LeVake

Editor: Peter LeVake